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Problems: Common People are Facing

Posted by Shamsunder Gawade on March 6, 2010 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (0)

This is an invitation for Youth to come together to build strong India. Say we hate spoiled politics. Let us work together for betterment of our poor & economically backward people. Those who need help we can raise fund to improve their standard of living. This is possible only with Social Work Program.


There are various problems Common Indian is facing. The Rise in Price of Essetial comodity is not a Current Critical Problem of Common People. The effect of Rising Prices affect only poor people. The rise in prices of essential comodity is increasing day by day. No one Politician or Responsible Person is going to the root of its reason. The running economy points towards Economical Gap in community. The monetory distribution is not scattered equally as required. More than 60% economy is in the hands of Rich People. Money Creats More Money is a truth. Money in the hands of few people is affecting economy. The reason Monetary activity reduces and Stock of money in the hands of few people increases. Productivity comes down and Money become idle.


The above process is increasing from last many years. In the period of Barter System it was not so. Economy was in the hands of common people and it was progressive to all members of the community. Money is only the price that accumalates value of the products and it goes on increasing and increasing. It will never come down. To bring down the value of goods Equal Distribution of Monetory fund is only the answer. The Gap Between Rich and Poor must be Reduced.


Now a days Politics has become the market of Capitalist. They do not worry for poor. They use common people as a tool to earn huge money. Vast amount of wealth and monetary power in few hands affecting Economy is a biggest reason to bring down per capita income. Curruption, Boggus printing of monetary currency etc. are the reason.

We can not neglect Politics.  It is the heart of our nation.  If blood in vain become poisonous whole body falls in trouble.  One day comes where Body dies.  This occur  if wont care for our body! Collectively our Nation is our Body and we must take care of our body.  Prevention is better than cure.